$1,001.87 grant awarded to Dixie Ardwin

Pictured with Mrs. Ardwin is Kari Harger – Foundation treasurer. Photo credit Ronda Pounds AHS

Mrs. Dixie Ardwin received a grant in the amount of $1,001.87 from the Margaret Daniel Educational Foundation to purchase comfortable seating for her AHS History classroom. Mrs. Ardwin states that her dream for her classroom was to be a place where a student could stand or sit according to their needs. She believes that two standing desks is a good start to increasing engagement that meets the needs of all students. Mrs. Ardwin has taught at Ashdown High School for 9 years and was selected as Teacher is the Year in 2017. She presently teaches World History and Advanced World History.
The Margaret Daniel Educational Foundation continues to fund unique and innovative ideas that place Ashdown students on the cutting edge.


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